Balsam Fir Wreaths and Decorative Centerpieces from h.o.m.e.
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Orders for 2017 must be in by Dec. 4!

Thanks for your orders! We are busy shipping wreaths and centerpieces.
Note that orders are shipped in the order received!
You can still pick up wreaths at our Craft Store!


      Single candle red centerpiece                   Single White Centerpiece                           Tripl Red Candle          Triple Blue candle centerpiece

We offer several choices of wreaths and centerpieces:

 Our wreaths are first quality 22” double-faced wreaths made of Fresh Balsam Fir.
They are available either undecorated or fully decorated with red velvet ribbons, pine cones, and berries.

Our centerpieces are hand crafted at H.O.M.E., using fresh greens: Balsam, Cedar, and Pine.

The centerpieces are available either as a single—one candle or as a triple—3 candle,
with cones and ribbons to compliment the arrangement.

The single and triple centerpieces are available with either the traditional Red berries, ribbons and candles
, or the
  new white accents—
White ribbons and candles.

Why order your Wreaths and Centerpieces from a non-profit community organization?


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