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"What shall we call it this time?"

..."Sounds good to me!"

So it's been called This Time ever since.


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40th Anniversary 2010 photo calendar

“Many things occur to people when they see H.O.M.E.   When you see that complex on Route One, it's large and impressive. But you need to remember that it was built by people who had no professional credentials, who were often too young, or too old, or too unskilled.   Many people studying it have said that to run it you need professionals.   A famous management consultant studied us once for several days and, at the end, he said his experience proved we couldn't exist--that if the government or a philanthropy ran H.O.M.E. it would cost millions of dollars.

            "But H.O.M.E. hasn't grown that way. It has grown out of needs that people have had and that other people have seen and said, ‘Let's do something about it.’ …That seems to have worked, and that seems to be what we ought to do:  respond to people.”

--Lucy Poulin

Reprinted from THIS TIME, the H.O.M.E. newsletter, 1988

Homeworkers Organized for More Employment

This Time

Orland, Maine 04472

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