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H.O.M.E. relies on your continued donations to provide services to those most in need!
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(All donations are tax-deductible)

Bill Higgins   10 Oct 1943 28 Jun 2018
Bill Higgins   Bill's shock out back
and Bill's house for many years

Sr. Lucy's Retirement Project !!
Please help us with a special project Lucy wants to see funded
Click here for information and making donations.
We welcome any and all ideas for this new exciting chapter in the life of HOME.

Lucy in her Office  Sr. Lucy in her office
Lucy is currently recovering from a badly broken ankle.  Keep her in your prayers.
Lucy & Tracey Sr. Lucy and Tracey Hair.
  Tracey Hair, has stepped into the role of executive director.
Tracey brings more than a decade of experience working at HOME.
...or check out our calendar of other upcoming events at H.O.M.E.
Help our Daycare  buy new toys for our children!
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Your tax-deductible donations of clothing and furniture for our Bargain Barn and
Yard Sales are always  needed.
Calendar of Events and Scheduled activities
Read brief summaries of what we are doing at h.o.m.e.!
Our Department reports are on line.
Appeal Letter from
Executive Director Tracey Hair
and h.o.m.e. founder Sr. Lucy
h.o.m.e. Summer Sweepstakes
Order your tickets now and even 'sell' some for us!

 Thank you for your generous support. 

Tim, a long-time member of our community,
 is recovery from a massive stroke.
  Please keep him in your prayers.
Tim has always been good at helping those
who need it the most.

Virgie Betts -  1921-2017

Virgie's stone
Maple Grove Cemetery,
Prospect, Maine
Memorials for our dear friends and colleagues:
Margaret Corcoran, Bonnie Williams, Sr. Marie Ahern, Jo Barry, and others
We thank all of you who supported our
Benefit Auction in August

All donations to h.o.m.e. are tax-deductible.
(...and we can link to your web page from our auction page)
Please support our missions throughout the year.
Thank you for your wreath & centerpiece orders!

wreath     ctr piece
Wreath and Centerpiece orders for 2017
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triple  triple white

  As part of Emmaus International we stand in solidarity with the all migrants around the world.
  Click here for more information on Migrants' rights.

90 School House Rd.
PO Box 10
Orland, ME 04472


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